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16 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Yacht

Buying the right boat for your own use requires asking yourself a few questions about your utilization plans.

Below are 16 questions you should ask yourself before making a decision to buy a boat. Each question will add a filter to your search for your optimum boat.

1. Do I prefer sailing or motoring?
2. How many weeks per year can I devote to boating?
3. What is my capital budget?
4. What is my annual expense budget for insurance, fuel, docking, and maintenance?
5. How many people will accompany me 90% of the time?
6. What will be the minimum and maximum number of people I will have aboard on a cruise?
7. Will my guests be close family (ages important), extended family or friends, business associates, new acquaintances, or strangers?
8. Would I feel more comfortable with a professional crew?
9. Where will I do most of my cruising?
10. Are there depth restrictions where I plan to berth my yacht or where I plan to cruise? What is the minimum depth I will encounter?
11. Are there any fixed bridges that I will have to go under to access open waters? What is the clearance?
12. Will I sometimes be obliged to cruise at night?
13. What is the longest distance I plan to cruise without being able to refuel?
14. Is fishing (what kind) or scuba diving going to be a primary activity or will I primarily cruise and occasionally swim and fish?
15. Do I plan to mostly anchor out or will I generally overnight in marinas?
16. In marinas, do I plan to eat out often or is cooking aboard important for me?

For any additional comments on factors that could influence purchase:

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Josh Mango

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